We believe your event should be a pleasurable experience all around, so we won't nickel-and-dime you for things like paper plates and napkins. We include everything needed to serve in the price.


Final amount is subject to 9.5% California Sales Tax, and a travel fee may be assessed for events outside of Los Angeles.




Pizza catering for small groups of up to 25 people, with no minimum guest count required. 1.5 hour service, buffet-style, with your choice of three types of specialty pies. A Mixed-Greens salad is also provided. 

Fresh Salad

Salads and Sides

Per-Tray pricing

Our Salads and Sides are offered on a per-tray price basis. Each tray serves around 30-40 guests. Check our menu to see exact pricing.


Pizza Catering

$15 per person 

Our most popular option: Unlimited pizza buffet for your guests. Two hour service, with your choice of 5 specialty pies, or you can create and choose custom pies. Vegan and Gluten-free options are available. 40 person (or $600) minimum.


Private Chef

Pricing based on details

Do you prefer to sip on some bubbly instead of manning the oven at your event? Then hire us to take care of the pizza-making for you. We serve for two hours, supplying all the ingredients and materials needed to bring that oven to life! 


Wood-Fired Pizza Catering